Max Q

Hardwood Standing Electric Desk

Maple and Black Walnut or Maple and Genuine Mahogany

Max Q is a limited production home office desk. We build each Max Q desk from hard maple and an accent wood – black walnut or genuine mahogany. Desk design and construction is based on time-tested mortise and tenon joinery where each part is designed to mate with others. We use both calibrated machine tools and hand tools, including hand cutting over 50 pieces using an ultra-thin Japanese hand saw blade. These hand-cut pieces form the pattern on the two pull-out note taking surfaces – the example shown is made from black walnut and zebra wood.

The desk gets its name from the Max Q that takes place during a rocket launch – this is when the vehicle accelerates upward though the atmosphere and reaches a point of maximum dynamic pressure. Following 'Max Q,' the vehicle reaches space soon after. This desk is designed to last and be there for you during your highest-pressure tasks.

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Max Q Standard Features

- Up to 60” wide (the example pictured is 48” wide)

- Hidden joinery

- Two synchronized table lift linear actuators with a transferable multi-year warranty, power supply, controller, and dial remote

- Three height presets from 25 inches to 46 inches

- Custom made desktop border – rectangular or inset curve as shown

- Two custom design pull-out note taking surfaces with full-depth hand cut mosaic border pattern

- One center keyboard or pencil drawer

- Simple customer assembly

- Free shipping to the Continental US, or free delivery and set up for Boston area customers

- Made in the USA

- 4-6 week production time

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Details about Max Q Design and Construction

Desktop Surface

The beauty of the wood comes out from a careful desktop surface preparation process. Once assembled, each desktop is fed into a large sanding machine to make it flat on the top and bottom – yet still at least one inch thick. Sanding is then done by hand from 100 grit to 220 grit. Spray lacquer is applied in coats and sanded to 320 and 400 grit after each coat. The resulting feel at the surface is exceptionally smooth.

Desktop Apron

The desktop apron is from your selected accent wood and milled to a one-inch thickness. We use a machine called a Domino which cuts matching mortises for tenons – also called domino. These help align the apron to the edge of the desktop and provide greater strength once glued in place. The apron also serves to align and conceal the upper portion of the leg supports, the leg controller, the hardwood drawer slides, and cables under the desk.

Desktop Support

Slotted under the desk are two robust desktop support boards made from two-inch thick maple. After jointing and planing these are typically still over 1.75 inch thick. They are mortised to fit and conceal the upper portion of the linear actuator motors. At the floor, four machine screws connect each leg to a double thickness of maple and your selected accent wood. These heavy subassemblies are over 3 inches thick, five inches wide and the full depth of the desk. They add comfortable stability even if the desk is elevated to 46 inches. Despite the modern streamlined appearance, the Maq Q is strong; the legs can support 350 lbs. The Maxc Q uses dense and surdy hard maple and black walnut. No plywood, MDF, or veneer is used on the Max Q.

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