Mike Fox is owner and chief precisionist of Precision Hardwoods, a fine furniture business in Newton, MA. He’s bringing his business acumen, marketing skills, creativity, and customer focus to this new venture. Mike has twenty-five years of experience in aerospace marketing and sales including corporate account management for Raytheon on NASA space programs. Mike's brings his passion for space and precise design as he builds fine furniture for homes office and home school needs. Check out his longer bio or his Stardust and Sawdust blog about having two careers.

The Material Properties and Funcationality of Wood

Hardwoods such as maple, walnut, mahogny, cherry, and oak have strength, durability, and beauty. Precision Hardwoods incorporates electric motors, hidden hardware, and earth friendly finishes to create a unique new vision for enjoying the richness and quality of American made furniture.

Quality Control

Each piece is intentionally unique and expertly worked. With a nod toward large aerospace technology programs that require incredibly high precision, we’re focused on accuracy that enables repeatability, sure fitting parts, and greater overall strength. Customers for custom projects will have the option to participate in design reviews. These helpful discussions can take place over phone, videoconference, or email.

Community Projects

We are in Newton, MA, which is seven miles from the center of Boston, and dates back to the 1600s. We’re always active in the local community MA and surrounding Boston area.

Made in USA

Our wood is kiln dried and sourced from New England hardwood lumberyards. All our electronics and motors are bought from American companies, and our tools and shop supplies from American woodcraft stores. We buy both rough and surfaced hardwood lumber as raw materials and plane and dimension it ourselves. As America increases our focus on manufactuing domentically, Precsision Hardwoods is proud to work and buy local.

Secure eCommerce

Precision Hardwoods selected Shopify for ecommerce. Shopify supports over a million businesses in over 100 countries. Once Shopify processes each order, it goes to our office in Newton, and you will hear from us drectly as we begin the build or design and build stages. Once your order is completed you will again recieve notification from Shopify that it is on its way.


Precision Hardwoods is a member of the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce, the Framingham Makerspace and the Design Museum Foundtation.